Coffee @ The Lofts  842 Gallia St. Portsmouth, Ohio 45662  740.354.3537


Hot Drinks

Fresh Brew~Choose from our fresh daily brews 

Pour Over~Hot water poured over freshly ground coffee

French Press~Coffee brewed in a press for a fresh, mellow flavor

Cafe AU-Lait~Coffee with steamed milk

Espresso~Double shot of our premium blend

MOCHA~Espresso with steamed milk chocolate whipped cream opt.

Macchiato~Double shot of espresso with a touch of steamed milk

Con Panna~Double shot of espresso topped with whipped cream

Americano~Espresso with hot water

Latte~Espresso with steamed milk, little foam; flavor optional

Cappuccino~Espresso with equal parts steamed milk & foam; flavor

Steamer~Milk steamed with any flavor

Hot Chocolate~Chocolate with steamed milk; whipped cream opt.

Matcha Latte~Matcha Green Tea with steamed milk; little foam

Chai latte~Masala Chai concentrate with steamed milk


Cold Drinks

Iced Coffee~Coffee over ice

Iced Latte~Espresso, milk, over ice; flavor optional

Iced Americano~Espresso and water over ice

Iced Chai~Organic Rishi Masala Chai with milk over ice

Iced Matcha Latte~Matcha Green Tea with milk over ice

Shaken Iced Tea~Loose leaf tea steeped & shaken over ice




Espresso with milk, flavor & Blended ice

Choose from any of our Drink Flavors

Fruit Smoothie

Fruit Puree & Blended ice

Wildberry, Mango, Pina Colada, Peach, Strawberry Banana


Shaken Iced Tea or hot  fresh brewed tea

China Breakfast,  Earl Grey,  Cinnamon Plum,  Green Tea,

Pu-erh Ginger,  Green Tea Mint,  Peach Blossom,

Pu-erh Bordeaux, Blueberry Rooibos,  Masala Chai,

Sweet Matcha,  Mango Passion,  Jade Cloud.


Italian soda: Root Beer, Ginger-ale, Cherry, Lime

Wildberry-Lemonade, Strawberry, Honey-Mango


Fountain drinks: Coke & Diet Coke


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Umpqua oats

Super Premium Oatmeal


Trail Mix & 3 Berry Bar

Baked Fresh granola and berry


gfs bars

Gluten Free Bar


Fresh Baked Cookies

Triple Chocolate or White Chocolate Cranberry


Pastries and Baked Goods

Bagels, Assorted Cheesecake, Assorted Muffins,

Orange Bread, Banana Nut Bread


Breakfast Sandwich

Bagel with egg, cheese, choice of bacon or sausage


Blackberry ham sandwich

Bagel with swiss cheese, ham & blackberry dijon glaze


Maple Bacon Turkey Sandwich

Bagel with mozzarella cheese & maple glaze


Soup served with bread

Seasonal soup, Chilli, Italian WEdding, Tomato Bisque, Potato



Vanilla Bean ice cream topped with a shot of hot espresso



DaVinci Chocolate Covered Espresso Beans

Ground Chocolate Rounds


After five

Cheese Platter

Bread Loaf with Seasoned Olive Oil